Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Could You Be One of the World's Richest People?

We are all feeling the crunch of rising food and oil prices. Before you complain about how hard it is in these tough economic times, visit the Global Rich List calculator which allows you to input your annual income and see how your income compares to others worldwide. Okay, so you're no Bill Gates. But I'd bet you fare pretty well. So consider how rising food and oil prices are affecting those with lower incomes, particularly those living on less than $2/day.

The Global Rich List calculator is the work of Poke (PokeLondon & PokeNewYork), a creative company for interactive media. The Global Rich List calculator seeks to "make people aware of the big injustices in the world. Please help...by donating some money for the people in need." They encourage you to donate JUST ONE HOUR'S SALARY and the calculator explains how far that money will go to do some good. Donations are given through CARE International which helps people in 70 of the world's poorest nations.

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