Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nau The Good News

Better than a Freddie Krueger movie - Nau has been resurrected. After reporting on the demise of innovative retailer, Nau, rights to the brand have been purchased by Horny Toad. The good news is that Nau will continue operations, albeit with a slight change to the business model.

The company reports, "Our new Nau will be smaller, and will grow more slowly, and though our ambitions have been tempered a bit by the realities of the marketplace, our passions are still very much intact." Nau will retain its autonomy as a business separate from Horny Toad; Nau will not have its own stores, but will sell its products through Horny Toad, other retailers, and wholesalers; and giving through the Partners for Change program may be reduced.

The renewed version of Nau will begin August 1. Welcome back!

Read our first post on Nau last year and read the full story of Nau's resurgence at Treehugger and at Sustainable Industries.

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