Thursday, July 24, 2008

Win $5000 and Free Smoothies for a Year!

Planet Smoothie is sponsoring the Re-Use It or Lose It contest. The company currently serves smoothies in reusable plastic containers and recycled polystyrene cups, but they want to do better. So the Re-Use It or Lose It contest seeks "individuals, companies, academic institutions to come up with an environmentally friendly solution to recycling or eliminating polystyrene from the waste stream." The contest is looking for

(a) an environmentally friendly alternative smoothie container that must be able to keep Sponsor’s smoothies “smoothie-like” (smoothie-like is the smooth, freshly-blended consistency of our smoothies) for at least 20 minutes with no effect on taste, quality or consistency and not be cost-prohibitive to produce in a mass production environment today or (b) a green solution that results in the reduction, “re-use” or elimination of polystyrene in the environment.

The contest closes September 30, 2008. Visit the website for complete contest details. The winner receives $5000 and free smoothies for a year!

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