Wednesday, July 9, 2008

FIO360 - Sustainable & Responsible Business of the Week

FIO360 (Atlanta GA) is the nation's first eco-early care and learning boutique. The building is the first childcare center to be LEED-certified and has floors that emit radiant heat and are made from virgin rubber plants, paint that is zero-VOC (volatile organic compounds), and solar tubes for lighting.

The center uses organic furnishings, such as imported organic rugs, organic wooden toys, no PVC plastic products, and organic mattresses free of formaldehyde and other chemicals. Children are served organic and hormone-free meals using local fresh ingredients are created by the center's chef. The center also uses non-toxic personal care products on children and environmentally-friendly cleaning products throughout the building.

The curriculum is holistic, promotes multi-cultural awareness and learning, and, of course, environmental education. "Kids here open the day with an affirmation, take yoga lessons and recycling classes, eat meals like red pepper quiche and then round out the afternoon with a massage to help them sleep."

FIO360 opened in April 2008 and is the vision of Crissy Klaus.

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