Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tell Us What You Want: Help Us Improve Our Site

Do you have suggestions for what we should include on our site? We have put a brief survey on our site asking what items you would like to see increased on our site in 2008.

More "Sustainable & Responsible Business of the Week" features? Posts notifying readers of upcoming sustainability- and CSR-related webinars? More about the links on business education programs in sustainability and CSR? Keep you posted on upcoming conferences in sustainability and CSR? More coverage of the research on sustainability and CSR? More sustainability and green tips for businesses? More coverage of news items related to sustainability and CSR? More coverage of news and items related to the base of the pyramid? Other items (use the comment feature to suggest other items)?

Your votes will help us increase items of interest to our readership and decrease items of less interest. Hurry and get your voice heard! Voting ends January 30th.

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