Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sustainability Contests: Put On Your Thinking Caps!

Here are several contests related to sustainability that might interest you. Follow the links for more details, deadlines (some are just a few days away!), submission guidelines, and prizes.

ReVision offers several contests "generating visionary ideas for what can and should be in the design of urban space." Current contests cover energy, transportation, urban planning, architecture, and urban economies.

Super-Cars Shout Out Competition "allows you to place a simple, colorful flier on high mileage cars that you encounter, showing the vehicle owner that she or he has done something worthy by choosing a leading-edge (in fuel efficiency) vehicle." Snap a photo of your flier on the vehicle, upload it to their website, and wait to see if you've won!

Greener Gadgets and Core 77 are hosting a competition to" seek out design innovations for greener electronics." Your new and innovative solution should "address the issues of energy, carbon footprint, health and toxicity, new materials, product lifecycle, and social development."

The Rockefeller Foundation is co-sponsoring a contest search for a design of a solar-powered wireless router composed of low-cost, readily available hardware and software components. This router is to become part of a reliable Internet communication network connecting metropolises and remote towns in developing countries. The challenge requires only a written proposal that must be registered through InnoCentive (challenge 5644660).

Quantum Shift TV is hosting the New Year's Eco-reSolutions video contest "about what you plan to do for the earth this year. It could be personal, political, local or global. Any action you can think of that moves us closer to a sustainable future."

Quantum Shift TV is also hosting the Be the Change! Share the Story! contest for schools to showcase their "environmental, human rights or social justice project."

EcoCar The NeXt Challenge is open to university and college engineering students to "build and test advanced vehicles with a wide range of potentially feasible production technologies that can be used in future cars and light trucks to achieve much higher energy efficiency and lower GHG emissions."

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