Thursday, January 3, 2008

More "Green" Terminology

As I sort through the many items in my news reader from the holidays, I've run across some new (to me) terminology. So if you would like to expand your green vernacular, here are some terms for you:

  1. "carbon advantage" - Dave Douglas argues in Business Week that "We need companies to go beyond carbon neutrality to something I call "carbon advantage." You can create a carbon advantage for your company in two ways: First, you can use efficiency and resource reduction to provide a fundamental cost advantage in your operations and products. Second, you can use innovation in green products and services to offer customers a competitive advantage, thus differentiating your offerings." Read his full article here.

  2. "greenmuting" - Bob Langert, VP of McDonald's, states that "many companies are reluctant to talk about their environmental efforts because they are concerned they will be met only with criticism. After all, true progress is so hard to define, and achieving perfection on the environmental front is impossible because there will always be ways to improve. But not talking about environmental efforts, or "greenmuting," can be a sin as well." He goes on to offer his list of "The Six Sins of Greenmuting."

  3. "greenflation" - James Kanter of the International Herald Tribune argues (in response to SERT's campaign to legalize alcohol sales in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions) that "in the wake of so much publicity, we (are) now undergoing a wave of “greenflation,” where the term “green” is used to justify almost everything and anything, as long as it can make the claim of lowering carbon." Read his full post here.

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