Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"The 2% Solution" Airs Today

"Focus the Nation will stream a free, live, interactive webcast called The 2% SOLUTION. Join Stanford University climate scientist, Stephen Schneider, sustainability expert Hunter Lovins and green jobs pioneer Van Jones and youth climate leaders, for a discussion of global warming solutions. Audiences can weigh in with cell phone voting. Our goal is 10,000 screenings—and a change in the course of history. "

"To hold global warming to the low end of 3-4 degrees F will require cuts in global warming pollution in the developed countries by more than 80% below current levels by 2050. Put another way, we need to cut roughly 2% of current emission levels a year for the next forty years. The webcast will revolve around the question: can we as a nation get on to this path, and cut global warming pollution 2% a year for the next decade? If so, what would it take?"

The 2% Solution webcast will feature brief discussions of:

  • The expected range of warming: 3-10 degrees F.
  • The possibility of initiating a continental ice sheet collapse, and how long it would take for sea level to rise.
  • The costs of controlling global warming pollution in the near term.
  • The potential for the creation of “Green Jobs” through energy efficiency programs that weatherize and solarize buildings.
  • The idea of a “cap and auction” system, including thoughts on what to do with revenue generated from the auction. (Audiences will be asked to weigh in with a cell phone vote on what they would do with $100 billion!)
  • The Warner Lieberman bill now in Congress as an example of cap & auction.
  • How to address emissions from the developing world: China and India.
  • Campus based initiatives to cut global warming pollution.
The broadcast airs today, Wednesday, January 30, at 8pm EST on Earth Day TV and will be available online for viewing after the live webcast. More than 1700 institutions around the country are participating in Focus the Nation events this week.

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