Sunday, January 13, 2008

Earth Class Mail To Open Retail Locations

Earth Class Mail (Seattle WA), a virtual post office, plans to open their first retail store in Manhatten NY within the next two months. In all, they plan to open 18 retail stores across the US and a mail-sorting operation in New Jersey.

According to CNET news, "Earth Class Mail is billed as an efficient, eco-friendly alternative to a post office box and ideal for on-the-go workers. For between $10 to $64 per month, customers have their mail sent to the company rather than a personal address. Earth Class Mail's users recycle 90 percent of mail received, but only 20 percent of mail delivered to someone's door gets recycled, according to the company."

Earth Class Mail was selected as a Sustainable & Responsible Business of the Week on our blog last year (read the post here).

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