Monday, November 12, 2007

Surprise! Biz Professors Make Good Executives, Study Suggests

A new study seeks to break the "familiar stereotype...that business professors cannot make it in the real world."

"Companies managed by former business school professors generated greater revenues per employee than companies managed by non-former business school professors," report the study's authors, Bin Jiang and Patrick J. Murphy of DePaul University. They add that "professors make especially valuable contributions as vice presidents in company top-management teams because their domain expertise corresponds to common functional business areas."

"The study, entitled 'Do Business School Professors Make Good Executive Managers?' is in the August-October issue of Academy of Management Perspectives."

Read the full Academy of Management press release here.

1 comment:

Bill said...

This study was really interesting - there are 6-7 different empirical analyses plus interviews with executive managers. I want to know if executives can make good business professors!

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