Friday, November 23, 2007

Free Range Studios - Sustainable & Responsible Business of the Week

Free Range Studios is a full-service creative agency delivering progressive socially-minded messages for clients. Their website states, "We enable our clients to communicate key messages and empower individuals to transform society through the innovative use of digital media, storytelling, graphic design and strategy."

You may be familiar with some of their flash movies, Sam Suds, The Meatrix, Friends With Low Wages, Grocery Store Wars, Say No to Blood Diamonds, or their reports for Amnesty International, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, or the ACLU or any of their work with socially-conscious individuals, nonprofits, and businesses.

In addition to their socially-conscious creative work, they also seek to reduce their own environmental impact and give back to their communities through the use of triple bottom line accounting, 100% wind power, eco-printing, and other initiatives.


Shaping Youth said...

We've used the Free Range Studios examples in our counter-marketing work at Shaping Youth (dealing w/media & marketing's impact on kids)like this post, "Flash Activism Films are Teen Forwarding Faves"

Now that I think about it, I should've included those animated fun clips into the link list of Shaping Youth's environmental round-ups on eco-friendly media! Hmn. I feel an edit coming on.

Many of our features are listed at the end of this post, "S.F. Oil Spill Prompts Altruism & Activism in Kids" but I've put you in my 'reader' to keep in touch w/more fabulous finds. Keep 'em comin! (p.s. Here's the partial link list of sustainability topics/kids)

Dr N said...

Thank you! I enjoyed your website & mention your site in my latest post at Sustainable Business Design.

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