Saturday, November 10, 2007

Men Produce More Carbon Emissions Than Women

Men's lifestyles create more carbon emissions and contribute more to climate change than women's lifestlyes. This is the conclusion of a study presented at the UN Commission for Sustainable Development in May 2007. The study, "A study on gender equality as a prerequisite for sustainable development," was conducted by Gerd Johnsson-Latham.

"The purpose of the study is to bring out often-neglected facts concerning dissimilarities in the lifestyles and consumption patterns of women and men, and thus in their environmental impact, by describing how men, primarily through their greater mobility and more extensive travel, account for more carbon dioxide (COB2B) emissions than women, in both rich and poor countries. The study points to how a changed behavior among men – notably rich men who are decision-makers - can be crucial in addressing climate change and in enhancing the opportunities of all human beings to enjoy sustainable development."

You can read the full paper here.

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