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Webinar: Climate Change Policy and the 2008 Presidential Election

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June 18, 2008

World Energy and Point Carbon to Host Webinar: “Climate Change Policy and the 2008 Presidential Election

Discussion highlights similarities, differences in US carbon policies

June 18, 2008 - Worcester, MA. World Energy Solutions, Inc. (TSX: XWE), a leading operator of online exchanges for energy and environmental commodities, will co-host with Point Carbon a new webinar, “Climate Change Policy and the 2008 Presidential Election,” on Wednesday, June 25, 2008 at 2:00 p.m. EDT. The complimentary webinar will feature an overview of the current status and future direction of US carbon policy.

WHO: Emilie Mazzacurati and Véronique Bugnion, Point Carbon
WHAT: “Climate Change Policy and the 2008 Presidential Election” Webinar
WHEN: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 at 2:00 p.m. EDT
WHERE: Registration for the webinar is available at: Climate Change Policy Webinar
WHY: To familiarize you with the current status and likely direction of US carbon policy

Overview: Climate change is acknowledged by each of the presidential candidates as one of the most serious challenges facing Americans today, but what does the future hold come November? In this complimentary, one hour webinar, join Point Carbon’s Véronique Bugnion and Emilie Mazzacurati as they discuss the current status and direction of US climate change policy. They'll delve into each of the presidential candidates’ positions on cap-and-trade programs and renewable energy subsidies, exploring questions such as:

  • How are the presidential candidates' climate change and carbon emission programs similar? How are they different?
  • Would either of the two candidates sign the Kyoto Protocol? Would either work for the development of a new global climate change accord? What might such a new accord look like?
  • What are the implications of these policies for companies in the emissions reduction, renewable energy, online environmental commodity exchange and other sectors of the cleantech industry?

They'll also review the climate change legislation debated by the Senate in early June that would have created a national cap-and-trade scheme for reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 63% below 2005 levels by 2050. Although the bill did not receive the needed votes to move to final consideration, it will certainly be revisited in the future. Véronique and Emilie will discuss what changes might occur to the bill after the election, and how such a bill may affect the cleantech industry and the economy in general.

About World Energy Solutions, Inc.

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About Point Carbon

Point Carbon is a world-leading provider of independent news, analysis and consulting services for European and global power, gas and carbon markets. Point Carbon’s comprehensive services provide professionals with market-moving information through monitoring fundamental information, key market players and business and policy developments. For more information, please visit This press release contains forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ from those indicated in the forward-looking statements. Such risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to: our revenue is dependent on actual future energy purchases pursuant to completed procurements; the demand for our services is affected by changes in regulated prices or cyclicality or volatility in competitive market prices for energy; we depend on a small number of key energy consumers, suppliers and channel partners; there are factors outside our control that affect transaction volume in the electricity market; and there are other factors identified in our Annual Report on Form 10-K and subsequent reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. For more information, please visit

SOURCE: World Energy Solutions, Inc.

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