Thursday, June 12, 2008

Electricity from Rice Husks

Husk Power Systems is the creation of Charles Ransler, Manoj Sinha, and Gyanesh Pandey. Husk Power Systems converts rice husks (a waste product from rice milling) into electrical energy for thousands of rural Indians.

"This technology provides off-grid power to rural Indian villages of 200-500 households. Using the husk-powered mini power plant, the team plans to offset close to 60 tons of carbon emissions per village per year in India."

They currently operate two rice husk generators and provide electricity to approximately 10,000 rural villagers in the Rice Belt of India, where villagers are "rice rich and power poor." A byproduct of the burned rice husks is ash, which can be used as fertilizer or an ingredient for cement.

You can read the history of Husk Power Systems' development and learn more at Husk Power Systems' website, Darden School of Business, or Business Green.

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