Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Clean Green Collision - Sustainable & Responsible Business of the Week

At Clean Green Collision (Oakland CA) precautions are taken during auto repair to ensure that dust, remnants, and hazardous chemicals do not enter the car and leave odors and fumes that could potentially harm customers. Filtration is an important part of Clean Green Collision's eco-friendly approach. Paint fumes and other emissions are filtered. Air in the sanding area is filtered twice (most shops only filter the air once, if at all). There is also a filtration system to capture emissions from welding. Other eco-friendly efforts reported by owner Jacques Andres include using photosynthesis curing and using water-based paints. The shop was remodeled with used windows and doors and by using local suppliers.

The shop currently states that they create only 30-40% of the emissions of a typical body shop and their goal is to operate a 100% emission free auto body business.

Sustainable & Responsible Business of the Week: If they can do it, so can you!

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