Friday, April 9, 2010

Top Seven Sustainability Practices

Guest post by Brooke Bledsoe & Travis Roe

The top seven sustainability practices have been identified by communications and stakeholder engagement firm, SDialogueSDialogue reports on the interconnectedness of these best practices and how they help companies realize sustainability.

The top sustainability strategies being used are:

  • Setting sustainability goals and measuring success: Accessing value and cost that sustainability would create in order to make an investment decision and aligning the adopted measures with the corporate goals. 
  • Stakeholder engagement: Stakeholders who need to be engaged and informed should be identified by social media. 
  • Sustainability issues mapping: Identification of sustainability challenges, issues, sources and opportunities. 
  • Sustainability management systems: Setting of Performance objectives that can be audited 
  • Product life cycle assessment and product-design: Determining full set of environmental and social damages so that the delivery of product or service is safe. 
  • Sustainability/corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting: Developing a formal sustainability report (web version) 
  • Integrating sustainability into brands: Unique selling Proposition

In it's report, Top Seven Sustainability Practices: the Sum > the Parts, SDialogue also explains the role that social media plays in sustainability-related communications. Building trust is one of the key aspects of a good corporate sustainability program.

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