Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Slugging to Work

Looking for a free ride to work and a way to save hundreds in gasoline and transportation costs each month? These are the benefits of being a slug.

Slugging is an informal grassroots ride-sharing initiative in Washington DC, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh. No one organizes the ride-sharing system. Those who need a ride go to the sites and wait in a slug line for a ride. Those who want riders in their vehicle (so that they can travel more quickly via the high occupancy vehicle lanes) will go to the slug lines, announce their destination, and pick up riders.

There is a certain slug etiquette. The first person in line is the "caller" that announces the driver's destination to others waiting for a ride. Once a slug has taken a ride, there is no eating or smoking, no exchange of names, not much talking, no window adjustments, no cell phones, and no messing with the radio!

It is believed that slugging began in Washington DC in the early 1970s. While slugging is not for everyone, it has become so "advanced" in Washington DC that it even has it's own website, Slug-Lines.com.

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