Thursday, September 4, 2008

Green Drinks - A Green Social Mixer

Green Drinks is a network of individuals interested in environmental issues who get together once a month to network and mingle. Individuals come from nonprofits, academia, government, and industry.

Green Drinks is an informal, organic, self-organizing network. Green Drinks social events have been organized in over 400 cities around the world. Melbourne Australia claims to have hosted the largest Green Drinks event, with over 1800 attendees. And New York City hosted a sizeable event with over 900 attendees.

Whether you have 5 or 500 attend your event, Green Drinks is a great way to meet and socialize with others sharing your environmental interests. Check out Green Drinks' website to find a location near you or start your own group.

From the Delmarva MD Green Drinks group: "Mix Drinks and Ideas to Ensure a Green Future." And from the Johannesburg Green Drinks group: "Saving the World One Sip at at Time."

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