Thursday, September 11, 2008

Get a Free $25 Kiva Certificate & Fight Global Poverty

You've long heard of the great works of Kiva, an organization offering peer-to-peer microloans to entrepreneurs in developing regions. But what if you've wanted to give but haven't had the time or money to get started?

Think MTV is offering you a free $25 Kiva loan gift certificate so you can start giving and start fighting global poverty. From their website:

Think MTV and Kiva are teaming up to help you fight global poverty. is a non-profit organization that enables people like you to make small loans, or microloans, to low income entrepreneurs so they can empower themselves to earn their way out of poverty.

By supporting the Kiva profile on, you will receive a FREE $25 Kiva certificate that you can loan to any entrepreneur on the Kiva site.

Use this loan to help a farmer in Guatemala, a restaurant owner in Uganda or a baker in Lebanon start and sustain their businesses to help themselves, their families, and their communities. This is a REAL way you can help REAL people. Start right now.

To get started, just visit Think MTV's website, register, and then check your Think MTV inbox for instructions on how to redeem the gift certificate to make a loan to a Kiva entrepreneur. I've just loaned my $25 gift to a group of entrepreneurs from Bolivia. What will you do with your gift certificate?

Feel free to use Sustainable Business Design (info [at] as your referral source so that we can see how many of our readers made a difference! Now go loan!

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