Thursday, August 28, 2008

Voyage for Cleaner Energy

Explorer Robert Swan's Voyage for Cleaner Energy kicked off in Nantucket MA earlier this month. The Voyage is a 5-year journey via the sailboat "2041." The Voyage will travel around the world "from the U.S. to Europe, Russia, India and China, talking with university students, corporate executives, and government officials about their roles as leaders in tackling climate change and accomplishing sustainability."

The "2041" sailboat has sails made from recycled plastic bottles, solar panel sails, wind turbines, and an engine that runs on biofuels. There are eco-friendly features and green products and technology on board the sailboat.

Why is the sailboat named "2041?" According to the website, "2041 is the year of the review of the Environmental Protocol of the Antarctic Treaty. Our aim is to work towards the protection of this treaty, so there is never a need to exploit the last great continent on Earth for minerals and fossil fuel."

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