Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Today is the Day

In a departure from the usual business posting, this is a personal posting because today is the day I become a parent. We will go before the judge today and my two foster children (who are sisters) will become my permanent daughters through adoption; we will become a "forever family."

In the past 10 months we've lived together, I've made many mistakes of a first-time parent and I'm sure I'll make many more, but we're learning together.

There is so much I want to teach them and share with them. For example, we make an outing to the recycling drop off center once or twice a month; it's become part of our routine. They grab bags from the trunk and sort them into the bins. We went to Earth Day 2008 events and activities where they enjoyed the Arkansas Sustainability Network's children's playhouse made from recycled materials. We went on the Heifer International world headquarters' green building tour, although the girls were more excited about seeing the turtles in the wetlands, riding the elevator, and petting the animals from the Heifer Ranch. Earlier this summer, we bagged up all the clothes they've outgrown and the toys they no longer use and donated them for children who need clothes and toys. Ironically, until recently, they were among the children that needed clothes and toys. Last month, the eldest and I both cut our hair and sent our ponytails to Locks of Love. And at school, they learn organic gardening and how to take care of chickens in the school's community garden.

For all the parents reading this, our responsibility is enormous. There is so much more to teach them. My real life's work has only just begun.

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