Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ridding the World of Toxic Emissions and Non-Disposable Waste

Guest post by Paula Cook

There are many large corporations today that are leading the way in making their operations greener and one of them is, in fact, the largest poultry company in the United States. Located in Lumber Bridge, NC, Mountaire Farms is one corporation that has taken a giant step to reducing the carbon dioxide emissions our country releases annually. The boxes that this and other corporations use to transport food have traditionally been those that have a wax coating, thus making them harder to dispose of and creating more carbon dioxide emissions. The new recyclable boxes that Mountaire Farms is using are smaller and compostable. Using a smaller box will cut down on materials and being compostable helps the environment tremendously.

The new boxes are produced by Interstate Container and together with Mountaire Farms they conducted a pilot program testing the new recyclable boxes at one of their distribution centers in New York. They found these new recyclable boxes to be very efficient and allowed the company to also cut down on their water usage. They previously used the wax-covered boxes for ice-pack shipments; whereas, with the new recyclable boxes, they no longer needed the ice thereby cutting down on their water usage by millions of gallons.

Global Green USA is trying to encourage other large corporations to make the switch to using wax-free products for their shipping needs. They estimated that 1.5 million tons of non-recyclable materials are dumped annually. By simply using these recyclable shipping containers rather than the wax-covered ones, corporations like Mountaire Farms can help save not only our country but our world from toxic emissions and non-disposable waste.

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