Sunday, February 14, 2010

Move Toward Electric Work Trucks Looks More Promising

Guest post by Karen Rutherford

2010 may be the year for many companies to upgrade company trucks for the future. Eliminating CO2 emissions and pollution may come with enough incentives from the federal and state governments this year that organizations could be on the waiting list for delivery of electric work trucks. There are work trucks on backorder now from companies like Coco-Cola, AT&T, and Frito Lay.

Developing hybrid diesel -electric drive trains and all electric delivery vans is being tackled and accomplished from major truck manufacturers. In the past, there have been several obstacles to the manufacture and purchase of electric trucks. One of the most pressing is the comparably high cost to purchase the more environmentally friendly trucks. 2010 will expose at least four points to help offset the high purchase costs:

1. Government subsidies and tax breaks

2. Lower operating costs

3. Competitive market will drive cost down

4. Low fuel and maintenance costs

It is estimated that the total cost to payback the electric truck is approximately five years. Another show of support from Congress is a pending bill that would provide $65 million for the U.S. Postal Service to purchase electric delivery trucks in the near future.

DYMAC Northwest is just one example of the hundreds of companies that offer all electric utility trucks for personal and organizational uses. They offer AC and DC powered vans, trucks, trams, and shuttles. DYMAC electric vehicles meet Type E OSHA requirements for personnel and burden carriers, making them attractive for college campuses, military bases, and airports.

I think as our society becomes smarter about our environment and taking more time to pursue intelligent ways to live with nature, the market for electric vehicles will grow rapidly in our future. The costs are becoming more affordable and the kinks that turned many people away for years are all being addressed and overcome. Manufacturers are realizing the demands are out growing the supply for electric work trucks and personal vehicles. The environment is important to many people who feel they can make a difference without it being so painful.

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