Thursday, February 18, 2010

Construction Begins on Plastic Railroad Bridges

Guest post by Donna Mantione

Axion International, a company which manufactures building components made from post consumer and industrial plastics, is set to begin construction on two new Recycled Structural Composite (RSC) railroad bridges at Ft. Eustis, Virginia. The new bridges, one spanning 40 feet and the other spanning 80 feet, will replace two wooden bridges that had been taken out of service because of deteriorating conditions. These new bridges will be completed in less time than it would take using conventional construction materials. All components in this construction are from recycled materials with the exception of the steel connectors used to connect the plastic components and the rubber plates placed between the girders and pile caps to reduce the strain and vibration. In addition to faster project completion, the cost will be less than using wood and steel and the environmental impact is substantial because of the diversion of plastics from landfills.

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