Monday, October 15, 2007

10 Tips to Green Your Office - Blog Action Day

Monday, October 15 is Blog Action Day. All bloggers are asked to unite and post a blog on a common topic: the environment. The purpose of Blog Action Day is "to get everyone talking towards a better future." So here is my Blog Action Day post.

The Green Office calculator allows your office to determine its current carbon footprint. "The self assessment tool aims to promote sustainability in the workplace by increasing awareness of the issues and providing easy, cost effective resources for improvement."

Here are some steps recommended by Sustainable Business Design that your office can take to reduce your environmental impact (and save money!):

  1. Use email instead of paper.

  2. Print and copy on both sides of the paper.

  3. Buy recycled paper with the highest percent of recycled content.

  4. Use environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies and detergents.

  5. Purchase refillable office products (cartridges, pens, etc.).

  6. Unplug items not in use or not used frequently.

  7. Switch to a "green" hosting service for your web site.

  8. Report and repair water drips and leaks immediately.

  9. Start a vanpool or carpool program.

  10. Create a "green team" to continue the work toward greening your office or workplace.

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Dave Lucas said...

Your tips encompass some of mine HERE.

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