Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Spreading the Sustainability Message Through Digital Games

Serious Games Initiatives uses digital video games to teach and educate people on pressing issues in social change, education, health-care, national defense, homeland security, analytics, corporate management and more.

There are several free online games available and here are some of the most recent games you can play:

Planet Green Game (by Global Green USA & Starbucks) allows you to "explore the town of Evergreen looking for ways to reduce CO2 emissions and reduce the impact of global warming."

Consumer Consequences (by American Public Media) allows you to "find out if you are living a sustainable life" and to determine "what would the world look like if everyone consumed like me?"

Global Warming Interactive (by Lexicon Systems) "explores the relationship of global warming to economic, political and science policy decisions."

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John said...

In the latest issue of the Economist, there's a 2 page ad featuring a game jointly presented by The Economist and Chevron called Energyville. It's at www.willyoujoinus.com. It's interesting that big oil is getting in on the educational games action too. In the game, the player is responsible for choosing the mix of energy sources to power a city. The emphasis of the game is on balancing cost, environmental impact, and security.

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