Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Backpacks Made From Juice Drink Pouches

Finally, after admiring the many cool recycled products made by TerraCycle, now I can buy them online! For those of you who aren't familiar with TerraCycle, it all started with worm poop. The company makes great fertilizer and packages it in discarded soda bottles and milk jugs. The product was wildly successful and became available on store shelves and online.

Then the company ventured into the creation of other products made from discarded waste (in fact, you can sign up to collect and send in the types of items they need...and they'll pay you for it!). The company now has items made from discarded wine corks, potato chip bags, juice drink pouches, plastic shopping bags, cookie wrappers, and so much more. I have long admired the school backpacks made from juice drink pouches (and the lunch boxes and the pencil cases) and now I can finally own one (or two!).

With back-to-school shopping just around the corner, check out TerraCycle's e-commerce site. Where else can your kids get a super cool recyled backpack for under $12?

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