Monday, January 19, 2009

Sustainability Conferences for 2009 - Mark Your Calendars!

Each month we list upcoming webinars on sustainability-related topics. However, there are still plenty of face-to-face conferences on a variety of topics of interest to the sustainable business. Here are a few conferences to mark in your 2009 calendar.

2009 State of Green Business Forum (Feb. 2, San Francisco CA)

UK Anti-Corruption Summit (Feb. 2-4, London UK)

Jerome Ringo: Environmental Evangelist (Feb. 8, Little Rock AR, contact: ARMFSA[at]

Green Investments Summit (Feb. 9-10, Hong Kong)

Jerome Ringo of the Apollo Alliance Speaks on Green Jobs (Feb. 9-10, Little Rock AR, contact: 501-372-6092)

Climate Change Summit 2009 (Feb. 17-18, London UK)

Doing Good & Doing Well (Feb. 27-28, Barcelona Spain)

Green Festival (March 28-29, Seattle WA)

Wall Street Green Trading Summit (April 1-2, New York NY)

Carbon TradeEx America (April 7-8, Washington DC)

FORTUNE Brainstorm: Green (April 20-22, Laguna Niguel CA)

Green Supply Chain Summit (April 21-22, London UK)

Green Festival (May 2-3, Denver CO)

Responsible Business Summit (May 11-12, London UK)

Global Anti-Corruption Summit (May 14-15, Washington DC)

Green Festival (May 16-17, Chicago IL)

Green Festival (Oct. 10-11, Washington DC)

Net Impact North American Conference (Nov. 13-14, New York NY)

Green Business Conference (Nov. 11-12, San Francisco CA)

Green Festival (Nov. 13-15, San Francisco CA)


Mario Vellandi said...

One more: Sustainable Brands 09 - May 31 to June 4th.

SBC said...

Thanks for the summary of sustainability conferences. (Perhaps some of your readers might be interested in the 'Green to Gold' Seminar on February 12).

As the President of a consulting firm and the owner and author of The Green Market, sustainability is a part of my daily life.

As the economy is in recession, Green is entering a critical stage in its life cycle and now more than ever we will need to disseminate the facts about our environment and the role we can play in addressing these complex issues. However, to endure the kind of economic volatility we see today sustainability must be woven into the fabric of our social conscience.

Thanks again for this post and for your promotion of Green.

The Green Market ( provides information and resources for people seeking to help Green to grow. My blog covers topics from CleanTech investments to the Obama Effect and includes a comprehensive Green Link Library. I welcome your comments and ask that you consider adding my link to your blogroll.

Best Regards,

karen solomon said...

Another great conference is Opportunity Green 2009 at UCLA - Nov 7th to 8th.

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