Thursday, November 6, 2008

How to Recycle Cut Hair

Have you considered what happens to your hair clippings when you get a hair cut? In many cases, the hair will be swept into the trash and sent to the landfill. So why not donate those hair clippings and keep them out of the landfill?

If you have long hair, you already know that you can donate 8 inches of hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, 10 inches of hair to Locks of Love, or 12 inches of hair to Wigs for Kids. But what if you're just getting a cut or trim? Your hair cut can still make a difference.

Hair clippings of any length can be donated to Matter of Trust to be used in the creation of hairmats to clean up oil spills. Hair is naturally oil adsorbant (meaning that oil naturally clings to hair). The donated hair is woven into a mat for use in emergency oil spills, machinery, pipelines, and other instances where oil cleanup is needed.

In addition to collecting hair clippings for oil cleanup, the hair clippings can be used as a source of protein for soil and can prevent water evaporation in soil by as much as 50%. Matter of Trust also collects used nylon hosiery which can be filled with hair clippings to create booms that surround and contain oil spills. So the next time you go in for a cut, encourage your salon, beauty shop, or barbershop to participate by collecting and sending hair clippings to Matter of Trust.

But don't stop there. Matter of Trust also takes donations of animal hair. You can encourage your local pet store, boarding kennel, pet groomer, zoo or petting zoo, or veterinarian to collect and send in donations.

In the spirit of sustainability, not only have you made a difference, but the business will reduce its waste (possibly saving money on refuse removal costs), divert and recycle its waste for environmentally-friendly usage, and make an important environmental contribution.


rama said...

nice blog

earthapril said...

great blog!
I passed on the cut hair recycling info to Caracalla in the Heights who is going to try and implement this!

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