Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Green Microgym - Sustainable & Responsible Business of the Week

The Green Microgym (Portland OR) is one of the few fitness facilities in the world operating partially on solar and human power. While the facility is fully equiped with all the standard equipment found in any gym, the equipment has been retrofitted to capture, store, and reuse the energy.

Here are some of the "green" features of the gym:

  • Treadmills use 30% less electricity than others

  • Solar panels generate an average of 8 Kilowatt Hours per day

  • The Team Dynamo and Spin Bikes collectively generate up to 350 watts continuous

  • Working with on ways to capture the excess energy from our elliptical trainers

  • Recycled rubber, marmoleum, and eco-friendly cork flooring

  • Ceiling fans are EnergyStar rated

  • All lights are compact fluorescents

  • Televisions are LCD TV's which use less electricity than plasmas

  • Lights, televisions, and ceiling fans are member controlled, so they will only be on when needed

  • Double flush toilets

  • Non-toxic soaps and cleaning supplies

  • Paper towels and toilet seat covers in the bathrooms are made from recycled content

  • Personal trainers often take their clients outside for workouts

  • Work from local artists are featured in the gym

  • Automated payment and billing systems to reduce paper usage

  • Goal is net-zero energy usage

  • The "Burn & Earn" program pays members $1 for every hour spent generating (or saving) electricity

The Green Microgym was opened in 2008 by Adam Boesel.

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