Wednesday, October 29, 2008

SunNight Solar - Sustainable & Responsible Business of the Week

SunNight Solar (Houston TX) is a company focused on the triple bottom line that makes solar-powered flashlights. The lights are rugged and durable and suited for harsh conditions in which no light is available. The lights use a low-environmental impact battery and can be used for either task lighting or room lighting. The solar-powered lights offer an alternative to kerosene, wood, and other forms of lighting used in developing countries.

SunNight Solar is home to the extremely popular BoGo Light program. For each flashlight purchased, the company donates one flashlight to a nonprofit for distribution in a developing country and gives them $1 per flashlight to offset importation and distribution costs.

Lights for Good is a fund-raising partnership with nonprofit organizations.

WarLights allows you to purchase a flashlight for distribution to American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Three new giving programs are being developed: Save Our Sisters (which will donate lights to women's groups and collectives in developing countries), Village Lights, and Need It/Take It.

Mark Bent started SunNight Solar in 2005.

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