Monday, April 21, 2008

Earth Day Every Day (At Work)

In honor of Earth Day, what can your business do to make a difference?

Create a list of options for becoming more environmentally-friendly in the workplace and begin with a single project. Establish goals and timelines for your project, assign responsibility for various tasks associated with the project, and remember to measure results so that you can share your success stories.

Here are some project ideas for starters:

Green Team - Create a Green Team to begin discussing and exploring issues related to sustainable business. Educate employees through emails, newsletters, and announcements. Get everyone involved!

Recycled Paper - Make the switch to recycled paper. It's possible to experience immediate financial and environmental benefits by making this single change at your office.

Green Procurement - Develop a green procurement policy that gives preference in purchasing to products and service providers that have minimal environmental impact.

Recycling - Establish a recycling program.

Reduce Your Emissions - Commit to reducing your carbon emissions by following the steps outlined in the Low Carb Corporate Diet.

Make every day Earth Day.

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