Monday, March 24, 2008

How To Make A Difference - For Free!

How can you make a difference and it won't cost you any time or money? Here are several companies that make it easy for you!

Search Engines

  • Carbon Neutral Search - makes a contribution through carbon offsets for each search
  • GoodSearch - select a charity and $.01 is donated for each search
  • Magic Taxi - select a charity, 50% of advertising revenue is donated to charities

Instant Messaging


  • ippimail email service - 45% of advertising revenues are donated to charity for each email you send or read on their web-based service


  • Care2 - install their toolbar and for every day you use it, they will save 25 feet of Amazonian rainforest

Click Your Mouse (no purchase required - just click and they donate)

Shopping ( will take time, but if you are planning on shopping and making a purchase anyway, then let these companies make a donation)

  • GoodShop - select a nonprofit and Good Search will make a donation when you purchase through participating online retailers
  • Nau - select a nonprofit at the time of your purchase and Nau will make a donation (NO LONGER VALID)
  • Magical Shopping - select a nonprofit or school and MagicTaxi will make the donation

Auctions (update added 3/30/08)

For additional sites, please see
Update 5/5/08

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