Thursday, December 20, 2007

Geek the Vote 2008

Popular Mechanics has compiled "Geek the Vote 2008," a list of links "to make it easier to compare leading presidential candidates on several issues" related to science and technology. The site offers coverage of the candidates' positions in 8 areas: automotive, digital/tech, energy/climate, environment, gun control, infrastructure, science/education, and space.

The Popular Mechanics Geek the Vote 2008 can offer you additional information on the candidates' positions to complement the list compiled by ONE on the candidates' positions on combating extreme poverty and global disease, the list compiled by Global Development Matters on the candidates' positions on global development issues, the list compiled by Grist on the candidates' environmental positions, and the list compiled by the League of Conservation Voters on the candidates' energy plans and policies.

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daniel said...

Thanks for alerting your readers to our blog on global development, including where the candidates stand on the issue. Hope you learned something from our short videos. Check back in January for information about hosting a screening of the documentary films called A Dollar A Day...

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