Monday, March 1, 2010

Green Collar Jobs

Guest post by Sonya Cato

Green For All is a great organization that strives to build new alliances for the public and private installation of establishing quality green jobs. At, you can see the various training programs the Green For All utilizes to train its members to become effective leaders in their community. And in doing so, these leaders cultivate the inner-workings of businesses, government, labor, non-profit organizations, and communities to create new, quality green-collar jobs that effectively and strategically change communities’ existence.

Green-collar jobs are jobs that pay family wages and provide opportunities for advancement along a career path of developing and increasing skills, while pay rises also. Green-collar jobs provide methods for low-income communities to excel out of poverty to become economically self-sufficient as well as promote a green-collar economy.

Although many green-collar jobs may require learning some new skills, existing jobs can be transformed into green-collar jobs as industries make the change to a clean energy partner. After identifying the new skills that will be pertinent to many newly-introduced green-collar jobs, communities and organizations need to invest in creating new training programs and/or revamping the existing training programs to meet these demands.

More so, green-collar jobs will save the planet in the long run. These jobs help communities utilize alternatives to oil, slow down the greenhouse-gas emissions, eliminate toxins, and protect our natural systems. Ways in which some green-collars are doing this already is by installing solar panels, maintaining buildings for efficiency, refining oil into biodiesel, repairing hybrid cars, and planting trees.

To find a green-collar job near you, check out these websites:

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