Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Is Your Green Marketing Message Reaching Your Customers?

Guest post by Erin Edwards

A recent study found that people with the highest level of awareness of environmental issues were those ages 18 to 24 known as Generation Y. Though researchers were excited about this growing trend, the study also found that Generation Y is the biggest waster of energy and water in the country. Many people in this age category are aware of the environmental issues, but are not certain of the steps they should take to become green in their own lives. Maybe companies are marketing towards this consumer group in the wrong way.

After conducting research for a client, Adam Kustin, vice president of Shelton Group Inc. came to the conclusion that consumers ages 18 to 24 were seeking information regarding green products; not from the Internet but from some unlikely sources. The wireless generation makes decisions regarding green products from passive methods, such as ads, news stories, product labels, and word-of-mouth. Marketing techniques such as television and radio advertisements make it easy for consumers to listen to information without having to actively search the Internet to learn about green products. And if companies design products with labels advertising it as environmentally-friendly, it is more likely to sell to those consumers interested in more environmentally-friendly products. The wireless generation is concerned with comfort, wellness, and convenience, so they are more likely to purchase products or services that are marketed in these ways.

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