Thursday, May 21, 2009

Online Business Degrees in Sustainability

The list of colleges and universities offering degrees, majors, or certificates in sustainable business continues to grow (see a complete list in the right sidebar of this blog). I often receive emails asking if I know where to get an online degree in sustainable business. For those asking this question, last week, two new programs were announced.

The University of Wisconsin has launched an online Bachelor of Science degree in Sustainable Management. Students must complete the first two years of undergraduate general education studies before being admitted to the Sustainable Management program. The program includes courses in environmental studies, triple bottom line accounting, natural resource management, information systems, logistics, supply chain management, and sustainability.

For those seeking a graduate degree, Marylhurst University has launched an online MBA with curriculum in sustainability. The program includes courses in Program topics to include:
Ethical Issues and Environmental Law, Green and Social Marketing, Ecological Economics,Managerial and Environmental Accounting, and Management: A Triple Bottom Line Approach.

Update July 22, 2009: University of Southern Maine offers an online graduate certificate in sustainable business.
Update August 17, 2009: Antioch University offers an online MBA in Organizational and Environmental Sustainability


Chris said...

to those looking for a job at a sustainable company after graduating check out they operate on a triple bottom line.

Nancy said...

online Certificate in Sustainable Business:

Undergraduate concentration in Sustainable Business (within the Business Major):

The above Sustainable Business programs are offered by the University of Southern Maine, but aren't yet on Dr. N's list.

Dr. N said...

Thanks! We've updated our post and our list in the sidebar.

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willson said...

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Antony said...

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