Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sustainability & Higher Education: New Research Centers & Degree Programs

Two recent events of interest in the area of higher education and sustainability.

First, The University of Nottingham's Centre for Innovation in Carbon Capture and Storage (CICCS) launched this past week. The CICCS "works on research at the interface of science and engineering, and international cooperation in order to accelerate technological innovation in the field and lead to a wider deployment of carbon capture and storage. The Centre will also have a strong programme on knowledge transfer and training with a range of opportunities for industrial engagement." The Centre seeks to "promote interdisciplinary activity to bring groundbreaking ideas from basic science and develop them into new products, processes and services, as well as consider public acceptability issues."

Second, Unity College, a small rural college in Maine specializing in outdoor and wilderness education, has announced that they will begin two new degrees in sustainability, one in Food and Agriculture and the other in Sustainable Design and Technology. Both programs are expected to start in the fall of 2008. For a list of colleges and universities offering degree or certificate programs in sustainability (in the field of business), please visit our site and view the list on the right side bar.

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